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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Is This Service For?
Do it yourself investors & professionals that want an edge with their real estate investments.
Do You Offer Private Market Analysis
Yes, while REITs are our primary focus, our weekly real estate macro and / or sector research notes are applicable to private holdings. REIT valuations give unique insights into private market risks and opportunities.
Why REITs vs. Private Real Estate?
Depending on your net worth, we recommend owning both public and private real estate (for different reasons). But for the vast majority of investors, public REITs are the superior choice.

- REIT prices fluctuate, but dividends rarely do.
- Most REITs use less debt = less risky
- REITs are more transparent and offer superior returns with daily liquidity.

Evergreen REIT Income

We enable do it your self investors to generate sustainable REIT income