Evergreen Income

We are experts in publicly-listed REITs. Our investment objectives are capital preservation, a consistent and growing income stream with appreciation.

REIT Dividends are an evergreen income stream, which beats selling stocks to fund your retirement.

We started REIT Dividends after working 20 years in private equity real estate (with multi-billion transactional experience).

After selling a private portfolio of assets, we looked to diversify by investing into high-quality, publicly traded liquid real estate investments (REITs).

We've always made money for our investors in private real estate. We're continuing that trend with this research service.

Coming from the private equity world, we saw first hand the tremendous wealth real estate can create.

However, most investors do not:

- have access to quality deal flow
- have the time or experience needed to evaluate deals
- have enough capital to achieve proper diversification

REIT Dividends was created to empower everyday investors to take control of their financial futures.

To help make that happen, we give you direct access to our extensive research platform (which includes over $23,000 / year in dedicated REIT research subscriptions).

We filter through the noise (endless stream of financial documents and SEC filings) so you don't have to. We then provide you with actionable investment ideas and real estate sector research.

Our members also benefit from our team's deep private equity real estate background, which includes over $3 billion of commercial real estate transactions across nearly every real estate asset class (apartments, mobile home parks, data centers, office, warehouses, etc.).

REIT Dividends has a simple investment philosophy – own a diversified portfolio of high quality REITs that can pay growing dividends for years to come.

Therefore, we:

1. Find and purchase REITs that own assets we'd love to own forever
2. Trade infrequently
3. Strive to keep investors focused on what matters most: Capital preservation & reliable income to compound your wealth and fund your lifestyle forever.
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